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This disc formatting utility allows you to create larger file sizes than you would be able to using your PC alone

This disc formatting utility allows you to create larger file sizes than you would be able to using your PC alone

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Program license: Free

Program by: Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd.

Version: 1.07

Works under: Windows


Program license

(359 votes)


Program by


Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd.


Works under:


FAT32 Format is a piece of formatting software that was built to work with disc drives exceeding 32GB, and it formats those drives so they are compatible with the common FAT32 directory system.

In some cases, experimental software, completed software, and full operating systems will only support the FAT32 filing system, and many of those examples actually require this formatting system in order to properly function.

FAT32 Format is written as fat32format on the command line when you want to call the function, so it's easy to remember. This version of the software was built to work with Windows XP natively since that version of Windows has the most trouble in the Windows family with the limitations of FAT32, but other versions of Windows will run the software efficiently as well.

The reason why FAT32 Format stands out so much is that any alternative software to this tool is grossly underpowered and limited in terms of options. For instance, Windows 98 comes with a native formatting utility, but that tool doesn't have the ability to format drives if they are larger than 137GB. This is partially because that tool isn't designed specifically for the OS. When that tool creates a formatted partition, it is possible that other operating systems in the 16-bit configuration could corrupt that drive.

Fortunately, FAT32 Format doesn't have any of the common problems found in tools like Windows 98 Disk Utility. It can easily function with standard hard disk drives 250GB or larger, and it runs surprisingly fast even on larger drives. The software also works to format those larger drives in the most efficient manner possible by avoiding checks on bad sectors.

Another fascinating feature of the software is that it includes a number of failsafes to protect drive content before formatting begins. These failsafes scan the drive to be formatted, and if the software finds any intact files, it will ask you if you want to abort the formatting process to recover those files. This will prevent you from accidentally formatting over any forgotten data locked away in obscure files.

There are a few downsides to this disk utility, as there are with most pieces of free software. Since the software was created so long ago, it doesn't offer support for CD drives, DVD drives, or solid state drives. SSDs are slowly becoming more commonplace since they provide improved stability and efficiency, but HDDs that will work with this software are still the industry standard.

In short, this software is really only useful for drives broken into sectors of 512 bytes. If that little piece of information means nothing to you, this tool most likely wouldn't be very useful. There are certainly alternatives out there that perform the same function with less clinical dryness. However, the warning notifications, quick operation, and various settings help FAT32 Format perform its intended function well.


  • Integrated Failsafes
  • Exceptionally Fast
  • Large Drive Support


  • No SSD Support

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